Nike invited us to a secret location which turned out to be Teufelsberg (Devils Mountain). They took us on a very interesting journey through history, where we learned that the Devils Mountain came into excistence through the aftermath of the second world war.

Actually the Nazis started to build the Wehrmachtsfakultät on that areal, but during the war they put the construction on the backburner for indefinite future. After the war the people did not know where to put all of the ruins so they agglomerated them on the Teufelsberg areal and a huge pile of World War II rubble occured. The Wehrmachtsfakultät, representative for the nazi ideology, got buried under 26 million tons Nazi rubbish. Isnt it ironic?!

After these interesting new insights we climbed up the stairs, and oh what a colourful surprise, the first and second floor are nowadays used by talented graffity artists who created 2 hall of fames as you can see in our pictures. And finally on top of the roof they welcomed us with a great vibe of hip hop tunes that lead us over to the sneakerboots exhibition. With a hot can filled with cider we went on enjoying the urban location and beautiful foggy view over berlin city. The buffet tempted us with the smell of fresh cooked porridge, egg mc muffins, pumpkinquiche and other tasty treats. YUMMY!

Meanwhile the special music guest TUA arrived and gave us a nice private live session, you should definetly check him out. And as if this wasnt enough Nike gave everyone a pair of Senakerboots at the end. What a nice sunday 🙂

Thank you Nike for the real nice SNEAKERBOOTS EXPERIENCE BERLIN!

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