Disposable camera diaries with MUSASMUSAS during Berlin Fashionweek – Indiemagazine

Julia Dalia @julia.dalia

This 2016 Berlin Fashion Week was fast and fun. Like always all good things come to an end. So here is my Berlin Fashion Week Recap in Pictures: Monday kickoff at the Bread&Butter/ Zalando/ Dandy Diary/ Opening Party. Everybody was so summertime fine and all smiles. The people who weren’t there missed what those who came cant remember. On Tuesday we went to a Converse chill get together on a rooftop Location in Kreuzberg sliding into the Lee Afterparty at Prince Charles. Wednesday was a lot on the plate like the good vibes at the OPM Store Opening and delicious chicken at the Patta BBQ. After the Section Boys Perfomance at Bergfest The Off /Highsnobiety Party we hung out at the spacious Airbnb of The Daily Paper Fam in Mitte. All over Motto for Wednesdays: “meeting old friends making new ones”. Friday Aftermath: Grime Night meets Guilty Pleasure presented by MusasMusas & 140 Hardbeat. I attended every event with my Homegirl. So if you ask me who I’m with: I’m here with Albina!
Albina Haxhimusa @albina.haxhimusa

Out of 5 days Berlin Fashion Week my Camera lasted only for 1 Night – For the Dandy Dairy x Zalando x Bread And Butter Party at The SEZ. I met a lot of hot people with fierce attitude, old friends and new friends. That sexy vibe though was the reason I used all my shots on one night. All I know and still remember is I had a lot of fun. I hope I was able to capture that! This summer I didn’t make it to all the Fashion shows because I’m very busy working on some other projects concerning my website, that’s when i realized I wasn’t really interested in the whole Fashion Week madness. So no Streetstyles, no OOTDs just a bunch of happy and beautiful drunk People! I attended every Event with My Homegirl. So if you ask me who i’m with: I’m here with Dalia!


Family Vibes For Real

Leude was hatten wir Spaß!

Eigentlich hatten wir nur vor das EM Spiel Albanien-Frankreich in gemütlicher Runde im ZweiDreiRaum zu hosten. Abgeschreckt durch den vielen Regen dachten wir, datt wird heute nixx mehr und dann Boom! der Anpfiff des Spiels war der erste Anpfiff der Homiefete. Family vibes for real. Unsere Lieblings Djs haben mit ihrer Mukke für genau das richtige Feeling gesorgt, die Barkeeper uns durch die Frinks von Becks, Red Bull und Rum ordentlich abgefüllt (ohaa die Rumdaquiris hatten es ordentlich in sich!), der Kickertisch unser eigenes Game hochleben lassen. Kennst du das du guckst nach links, du guckst nach rechts und du freust dich einfach über jedes Gesicht das du siehst ? Es wurde getanzt, es wurde gelacht, Good Vibes ausgetauscht und neue Pläne geschmiedet.

Weil diese #FamilyVibesforreal uns so glüchklich gemacht haben, wollen wir das wiederholen.

Haltet die Augen offen, das nächste Family Get together ist am 1. Juli.

Einmal Eintauchen in den GoodVibe könnt ihr hier:

Guys we had a blast! 
What was planned as a casual hangout watching the EM game among friends turned out to be a family fiesta/affair. When we saw the pouring rain we thought it ain’t gonna happen today. But the start of the game was kicking off the party as well. Family vibes for real. Our favorite DJs took care of setting the mood whilst our barkeepers served us Frinks with kind support by red bull and becks. The Fussballtable served its purpose and became the center of all our family affair.

Let us tell you this: do you know that feeling when you look to your right and left and every face just makes you frickin excited? 

That’s how we felt that evening.

Through familiarity with each other we danced we laughed exchanged good vibes and made plans for new adventures.

One of them being our next family get together on July 1. ! You heard right. Mark your calendars.


3 Days and 2 Nights in Amsterdam running from one spot to another – Trying to not be worried about anyhting and catch the vibe of the great Damsko – Only possible when this Man takes care of you: JEFFERSON OSEI also known as PAPAGHANA, guess why, lol! „WEEKEND RECAP I AMSTERDAM“ weiterlesen


Nach den mitreißenden Tagen mit den L.N.I.P. Jungs, ging es ein zweites Mal ins Prince Charles, denn am Freitag hieß es Rollen mit meiner Besten bei der KOREAN ROLLER DISCO!



Die Fashion Week ist vorbei. Und es war gut. Zumindest Für uns.

Über die Berliner Fashion Week wird viel gelästert. Kritikpunkte sind der Mangel an innovativer Mode, Menschen in der Front Row, denen Mode und Style ungefähr so nahe liegen wie Berlin und Accra, „FASHION WEEK BERLIN RECAP“ weiterlesen

RECAP| MUSASMUSAS X Rauch & Groen Style Night

Thanks to everybody who made this special night happen!

Pictures taken by Qazim Gashi Photography and Aga Olsz-Groen.

„RECAP| MUSASMUSAS X Rauch & Groen Style Night“ weiterlesen