3 Days and 2 Nights in Amsterdam running from one spot to another – Trying to not be worried about anyhting and catch the vibe of the great Damsko – Only possible when this Man takes care of you: JEFFERSON OSEI also known as PAPAGHANA, guess why, lol! We really needed to go on a short trip and get out of Berlin at least for a few days. Sometimes you just have to see other things, hear different languages and be surrounded by a completely different culture. We arrived on Saturday, 25th April, at our beautiful and cozy Airbnb Appartment, that was located very central. Albina was able to catch some family vibes with her cousine Donika who came all the way from Paris with her Friend Saly. It all started with the exhibition GENERATION Y´S HIP HOP curated by our friends Jefferson Osei and Hussein Suleiman from the menswear label DAILY PAPER. They showcased the work of dutch photographers and selected the pictures that express best the trustees´ understanding of what a Hip Hop lifestyle is about. After the expo we went on to the next one to get some drinks at the afterparty. The next day there was not enough time to recover since we wanted to take a stroll through the city, be back home early and get ready for the KINGSTON CROWN FESTIVAL at Hannekes Boom. The line up was crazy: from dutch rappers like the TNO Soundsystem which we really enjoyed to the whole Major Lazer Squad. Positively overwhelmed by all the acts we kept celebrating again, like it ain´t no thang…. but here´s what: Once you start sippin that juice you don´t feel the pain so we headed over to the main festival in Amsterdam, the KING´S DAY FESTIVAL! Tired from the night before we got up pretty early again to be on time at the Daily Paper Headquarter, where we had the chance to meet WALSHY FIRE one of the 3 Major Lazer DJs and Producers. Quite dope for a regular Monday noon, right? And no, it didn´t end here, we went all together to PATTA`S OPEN AIR KING´S DAY FESTIVAL at Tolhuistuin where surprisingly we saw SKEPTA on stage. We were so damn thrilled, the sun came out, it started getting hot, it felt like summer already, the vibe was insane and the crowd kept jumpin to every single track, without a pause! So sad we had to leave while everybody was turnt up but there´s one thing for sure: there is going to be a next time. At this point: Thanky you Jefferson for involving us, thank you for taking care of us, thank you for making sure we get home safe and thank you, thank you so much for remembering our time schedule so we didn´t miss our flight!!! It was a pleasure meeting you guys: Anna Abraham-Reynolds, Zara Asmail, Abderrahmane Trabinsi, Hussein Suleiman, Olaf Hussein, Asheru Alhaag, Malachi Manukure, Nathan Badu, Tom Brunet and Pablo Attal. And everybody who was part of it! To the whole Crew: Thank you for everything and hope to see y´all soon!

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