My Girl Saskia Jung, who created the label VINTAGE PARROT, is continuously selecting unique vintage pieces from all over the globe.She who is the reason I´m still based in Berlin (I have to admit it, there was a time I didn´t want to stay here) is a chaotic, wild and spicy human being, if one can say it like that. As a half spanish half german she has the perfect amount of craziness to always turn simpel meetings into fun rollercoaster rides.

She has been already featured on established magazines like GRAZIA, WOMANS HEALTH, MAXI etc. and is running her business all by herself. She expresses for us what a BOSSLADY is really about. VINTAGE PARROT went online a month ago, so you guys better check her stuff while it lasts since they´re gone pretty fast. This ice blue satin Bomberjacket I just fell in love with was bought in London. You know how you can sometimes tell a story how you got your favourite piece in your closet? Well, once you buy a VINTAGE PARROT piece don´t be shy, just ask Saskia, she´d love to tell you how it all began.

Enyoj my new streetstyle shots and make sure to get yourself a rare vintage piece!


Bomberjacket: VINTAGE PARROT – Turtleneck: H&M – Denim  Dress: ZARA – Sneaker: NIKE AIR MAX 180

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