Disposable camera diaries with MUSASMUSAS during Berlin Fashionweek – Indiemagazine

Julia Dalia @julia.dalia

This 2016 Berlin Fashion Week was fast and fun. Like always all good things come to an end. So here is my Berlin Fashion Week Recap in Pictures: Monday kickoff at the Bread&Butter/ Zalando/ Dandy Diary/ Opening Party. Everybody was so summertime fine and all smiles. The people who weren’t there missed what those who came cant remember. On Tuesday we went to a Converse chill get together on a rooftop Location in Kreuzberg sliding into the Lee Afterparty at Prince Charles. Wednesday was a lot on the plate like the good vibes at the OPM Store Opening and delicious chicken at the Patta BBQ. After the Section Boys Perfomance at Bergfest The Off /Highsnobiety Party we hung out at the spacious Airbnb of The Daily Paper Fam in Mitte. All over Motto for Wednesdays: “meeting old friends making new ones”. Friday Aftermath: Grime Night meets Guilty Pleasure presented by MusasMusas & 140 Hardbeat. I attended every event with my Homegirl. So if you ask me who I’m with: I’m here with Albina!
Albina Haxhimusa @albina.haxhimusa

Out of 5 days Berlin Fashion Week my Camera lasted only for 1 Night – For the Dandy Dairy x Zalando x Bread And Butter Party at The SEZ. I met a lot of hot people with fierce attitude, old friends and new friends. That sexy vibe though was the reason I used all my shots on one night. All I know and still remember is I had a lot of fun. I hope I was able to capture that! This summer I didn’t make it to all the Fashion shows because I’m very busy working on some other projects concerning my website, that’s when i realized I wasn’t really interested in the whole Fashion Week madness. So no Streetstyles, no OOTDs just a bunch of happy and beautiful drunk People! I attended every Event with My Homegirl. So if you ask me who i’m with: I’m here with Dalia!


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