Styling | New Years Eve

Always the same shitty question: What are we doing for NYE??

Some of you might want to spend the night on the biggest party you´ve ever been. Let´s face it, we´re living in Berlin City and there is always an opportunity to go out and almost never time to reflect on our beloved ones. And to be honest we don´t want to be hangin´around in the city cause it is always the same pattern: tourists all over the place, you can´t move, infrastructure is overloaded, no cabs, no phone calls can be made, everybody hyper hyper, looking for the COOLEST or MOST UNDERGROUND venue….. We had enough of this over the past years and decided to stay home, have dinner, enjoy some good company and spend the time with the family. Family over Friends cause the reals ones become family.

However this question is always followed by another annoying one: What am I going to put on my boday? We made a selection for you girls, check out our gallery with pieces from the RAUCH UND GROEN Store we were having our first Event with, remember?! Get inspired no matter what your plans for NYE are… at Rauch und Groen you´ll find comfortable, cosi unique items as well as very elegant, exclusive avantgarde pieces you will enjoy wearing.

All Pictures taken by Nico Stinge anothersidewalktv

Julia: Pullover: Belans Berlin | Blouse: Mozcau | Skirt: Not Anyone | Albina: Top: Pau Esteve | Trousers: Spiechowicz Studio

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