Cayler and Sons | Black Label

As we already told y`all the munich based streetstyle Label CAYLOR & SONS has established a new brand: The CAYLOR & SONS BLACK LABEL. To honor these upcomers we checked out the very first Black Label collection, styled it for you in our photo series and did a short fashion movie that is directed and filmed by our friend Hendrik Altmeyer.

The collection includes a wide array of branded basics from tall tees and comfy hoodies to basketball shirts, joggers and creative headwear. The pieces are very 90ies successfully uniting casual comfort with visible influences from hiphop culture with slogans like “Mo Money Mo Problems”. But they also tend to play with textures and patterns having already identified a clear trend this season: the all over paisley print, making for some serious stand-out pieces. Their products aren’t ridiculously expensive and are definitely not ones to sleep on.

Get the pix &  the fashion film right here and make sure to follow our new Youtube Channel:

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