Musas on NYE

We´ve been around the last few months, did this and that, have been thinking all the time about changes, about how to create even more stuff, how to still keep up inspiring you guys. We now accomplished 1 full year of spreading our visual content to the world, the feedback we got back was crazy! We would like to thank everyone who digs us, everyone who cooperated with us and who is still interested in doing something bigger! We are always open for new ideas!

This goes out to all the Ladies out there! We have some last minute new years eve styling ready! I know everyone likes it a little bit chic, a little bit sexy but cool at the same time. See the gallery below and leave us a comment!

Let the Musement continue…

Photos: Rainer Rudolf via

Special Thanks go to our PowerGirl Melodie Michelberger thank you for hooking us up!

Julia: Coat – Black Velvet Circus, Dress – Maison Suneve

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