Being Muses to each other

Sharing intense moments with your best friend, going through tough situations as well as the most beautiful and funny times of your life – That’s what makes a friendship unique and powerful! They say you get to know people when you go with them on vacation, this time Julia and I were not really on vacation but we went on a trip. On a damsko trip during Kingsday in Amsterdam. We supported our dear friends from DAILYPAPER who opened up their first store with a huge gallery exhibition space in the back. Don’t miss visiting the space while you’re on the hunt for the nice pieces we are wearing in this editorial. Big thank you to our beautiful Amsterdam based gurl JULIANE FALK who takes the dopest pictures. We realized how blessed we actually are being able to work with so many great people who become friends with whom we get to work, experience life and reach milestones. With each project, trip or event we grow, we unite and create something that has its own power, its own vibe. That’s exactly what we are about: Being muses to each other, empowering one another and not being afraid of being honest, each and everyday. Enjoy our latest outcome below.




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