WIN WIN WIN: 2X2 GL Spots For PAPERWORKS 1st Party!

It´s Friday and yes we can help you out again with how to spend your saturday night in Berlin city. Check out PAPERWORKS first Party at St.Georg hosted by Bird On A Wire presenting the one and only COZY BOYS squad ASAP LOU and J.SCOTT alongside LILINTERNET . The visionary director and music producer LILINTERNET has been already woking with people like DIPLO, BROOKE CANDY, SKRILLEX and other but he might be on your radar because of his latest work he did for Beyoncés NO ANGEL . You don´t wanna miss those bad boys playing with our local heros NICO ADOMAKO, ILLUSTRIOUS ONE and LEE STUART tomorrow night. Same procedure as always, all you gotta do is:

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Good Luck and have fun!

▬▬▬ HARD FACTS ▬▬▬

20th August, 2016 @ St. Georg

Ritterstraße 26
10969 Berlin

DOORS: 10€

Bam Berlin Event: PAX Vaporizer

Der Premium Vaporizer PAX 2 ist mittlerweile auch auf dem deutschen Markt erhältlich. Anlässlich hierzu wurde das Launch-Event in Berlin – Kreuzberg in der St. Agnes, einer ehemaligen Kirche und Hotspot für diverse Ausstellungen, gefeiert.  „Bam Berlin Event: PAX Vaporizer“ weiterlesen


A few weeks ago MTV STYLE GERMANY host Wana  interviewed the upcoming It-Boy CANDY KEN. We were asked to participate as stylists, so we took all our bling bling, pinky things and shiny pants to the shoot. „MTV STYLE X CANDY KEN X MUSASMUSAS“ weiterlesen