Musas Night Out!

After a stressful week full of work we gotta admit that we were pretty excited to go out on friday night. It couldn´t have been a better time for our friend FRANK BORIN to show up.

He came all the way up from LA to withstand the berlin temptation, to be caught up in the urban nightlife and fly back home with dark under-eye circles…we started the night at the Odessa Bar and went further to Berghain were THE BUG of NINJA TUNE was playing some real good trap / grime, UK sound…

You don´t know Frank Borin?

Lets get this straight real quick, after growing up in LA and playing some roles in diverse filmscenes or series, he also played in a rock band. But that´s not only what he is about, he is a Director you should better know ´cause he has done some real good music videos for ANGEL HAZE, EMINEM or GOOD CHARLOTTE (just to name a few) so go ahead and most definitly check out his SUBWAY DIARIES on Instagram! This guy is full of joy, energy and creativity!

Ow and did I mentioned that we bumbed into NARVEEN ANDREWS the guy who played Sayid Jarrah in the series Lost??!! Yeeahh right!!

This pretty much sums it up but how could we describe the fun we had emotionally?! Well here are the visuals… enjoy our outtakes, our AMUSAMENT of last Weekend!

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