90s Kid

Everybody knows that the Nineties are the current trend. But why is it so?

Bucket Hat: Nike | Mesh Shirt: Urban Outfitters | Bikini: Tally Weijl | Trousers: Cheap Monday | Coat: Adidas Neo| Watch: Cie & Haas | Shoes: Dr. Martens

We think that the 90s nostalgia is very much alive in us as in our generation. Since wegrew up back then we are still inspired by the spirit, energy and style of this decade. There is lots of stuff that we miss cause it represents our child- and teenage hood, which seemed somehow easier. We made a list and maybe you guys out there recognize some of the things, share our 90s vibes and feel free to add to the list 🙂

Long live the Nineties! Here comes The 90s ABC:

Aaliyah, Ashley & MK Olson                                          

Bill Cosby Show, Britney, Backstreet Boys, Bravo, Buffalos, Bucket Hats (!)

Clarissa, Center Shock, Candy Wrist Watch                                                  

Destinys Child, Discman, Doug, Dockers, Doc Martens                                                     


Frosted Tips, Family Matters, Free Willy, Full House, Fashion, Fruit Strip Gum (with Tattoos!)

Game Boy, Ghetto Blaster, G-Shocks,

Hubba Bubba, Hey Arnold, Hakuna Matata, Hacky Sacks

I see dead people

Janet Jackson

Koosh Balls

Light Up Sneakers, Lip Smackers, Lion King, Life without Cell Phones

Mood Rings, MTV playing Music Videos, Michael Jordan/Jackson, Mighty Ducks

Ninja Hero Turtles, Nickelodeon, Nsync, Nokia Phones, N64, Napster

Overalls, one leg pulled up

Power Rangers, Pokemon, playing in the streets, Polly Pocket, Playmobil, Platform Boots, Rollerblades

Q -Tip

Recording the Radio, Rock Paper Scissors, Reebok Pumps

Sailor Moon, Super Mario Cart, Snake, Space Jam, Spice Girls, Slap Bracelets, Shell Suits, SIMPLICITY, Sega

Tic Tac Toe, Tamagotchi, Tattoo Chokers, Tetris, Teenage Witch, Tickle Me Elmo

U have to get off the internet, I gotta use the phone


Walt Disney Masterpieces, Walkman


Yeah baby, groovy baby, Ying &Yang



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