Düsseldorf Bound

Düsseldorf is our home, our base, where we met for the first time. First love.

We are family women through and through. So Berlin had to exmusAs for a bit, we drove home the past weekend to meet our beloved ones. The face of the city, especially the inner city changed a lot during the last years. There are prestigious buildings everywhere. Düsseldorf can be boastful because of its beauty drawn by perfectionists. Everything is in order, everything is on its right place, since we do live in Berlin, a city full of chaos and creativity, we sometimes do need to see our base again to not loose the right path. Don´t get us wrong, you can find creativity in Düsseldorf as well but you gotta dig deeper.

After we got in touch with our family, the weekend already started, so we were invited to a surprise party of our good friend Savo Martic, who´s the husband of Ninu Ashirov and together they are the creative platform ASHIROV MARTIC. You can tell by the pictures that we had a real good time, we had booze, masks, music and a lot of funny presents to stare at. On saturday then we were invited to CLUB 134 where DJ KRUSH was on the turntabs. Come take a ride with us and see our pictures here!

The Hungover Sunday we spent as we do always at our favourite place WOYTON which is much cooler than Starbucks cause its Düsseldorf only! And here´s the Soundtrack to our Hungover Sunday, enjoy!

Aku Naru – How does it feel?

Spooky Black and The Stand4rd – Decisions

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