Musas Private Halloween Party

Finally our most hated neighbor went on vacaaayy HA!

That was the perfect time for me (Albina) and the greatest roomies on earth to throw a Halloween Party in our appartment in Berlin Schöneberg, shout out to MAXI, JANNIS, MARCO AND COSIMA! So we all invited our beloved ones, crazy ass jockers and yeah brothers and sisters. Oh lord and we had booze, we had so much to drink there wasn´t even enough juice to mix. Marco did these real delicious pumpkin creations like pumpkin soup & pumkin pizza and his sisters brought us such a chewy and lucious pumkin pie… Yummy! But what would be a private party without a real good DJ, hun? Yeah shout out also to CHRIS HARTMANN who gave me an eargasm with his amazing electronic beats! And last but def. not least a big big THANK YOU to NICO STINGHE whom I can proudly name a real good friend of mine by now, he comes from Montreal and just decided to spend an unknown time in Berlin, so go ahead, check out his Website and make sure to contact him for further projects. He is a creative mind and doesn´t leave the house whithout his camera, so yes it´s due to him that we are able to present you some high quality visuals ´cause he went snapin´that shit out of our place!!

Nuff Said, see the Gallery:

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