Denim, Denim, DR.Denim!

We love DENIM! Who doesn´t ?! There is nothing better than a real good pair of perfect fitted jeans, that make your booty pop out in the best way. They do come in various ways though, the range goes from wide, oversized boyfriend cut to slim fits or even the jeggings kinda pair. We show you 2 different Styles of Dr. Denim Jeans since they state that a good pair of jeans is like a member of the family. We agree and think that these jeans are perfectly made for curvaceous girls like us and we definitly do want to proudly show off our curves. At first we have the Dr.Denim Jeggings called Plenty with a slightly shiny coating that makes them a little edgy. The front pockets are sewn shut. The second one, model Solitaire, compared to the Jeggins is much thicker and made out of firm fabric. This model also distinguishes itself by a very high waist. The jeans is very stretchy cause its made out of 98% cotton 2% elastane. The Mix of the materials gives a plasant skin feel, ensures a skinny but comfortable fit and emphasizes the shape of the legs. The Solitaire is perfect for crops, oversized and loose tops. Both models are very comfy because of the stretch, then also highwaisted so there is no pulling jeans up while taking a seat or standing up, which is so annoying -.- Our resumee: IN LOVE WITH DR.DENIM!

Thanks at this point to our dear friend SINA REDFIELD from PRETTY LUSH STORE in Düsseldorf, were you can also purchase the latest models of Dr.Denim!

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