Berlin Subway Situations!

Its no secret that you can easily take the metro to get from A to B without a ticket, all for free in Berlin because there is no ticket inspector coming… Its been a year now that I´m living here and there haven´t been one day or night that I got asked for my ticket or even caught without one… until this day! Guys! My heart jumped up and down, my Body all shaky, I even started to sweat a little bit… Oh Boy! How that simple question is able to make me weak, make me be all worried about me, life, hell even about my future! FAHRSCHEINE BITTE! (Tickets Please!)

There he is, standing in front of me with his angry face, probably because he´s smelling the fear under my Delta Bomberjacket which keeps me so warm and cozy. So I pretend to search for my ticket in these big pockets… voilá! Dinner is served! This stupid little piece of paper! „FAHRSCHEINE BITTE!“ made me loose my mind, I had baught a Ticket! I had it all the time in my pockets! Haha Lucky me.

Above all, I love taking the Metro in Berlin, you get to see so many inspiring backgrounds, so I shot my new blogpost in front of this gridded front, out of glass! What you think?

Enjoy the Gallery!

Jacket: DELTA | Jumper: LALA BERLIN | Shirt: VINTAGE | Pants: EVIL TWIN | Shoes: Nike Air Trainer Max´91

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