Idiot Savant

Woohhoo it´s party time again! We took a rest after the fashionweek and are so ready now for IDIOT SAVANT LONDON to come to the capital of Germany and present us „THE BERLIN CHAPTER“!

The line up makes you wanna jump out of the bed and dance your ass off! So you better get your pretty faces down to St. Georg at Ritterstraße 26, Berlin on February 14th.

The best part comes now: YOU CAN WIN 2 GUESTLIST TIX! All you have to do is either LIKE, COMMENT, POST or SHARE our Post here, on Instagram or Facebook!


also DAVID DABIEH from IDIOOT SAVANT playing their tunes next to our local homies LEE STUART from BERLIN COMMUNITY RADIO and NICO ADOMAKO from IDIOT SAVANT.

Let´s see  who´s gonna be the lucky one! Come and party with MusasMusas! #Fingerscrossed

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