Still Coating around!

We can`t get  used to the cold! Do you?

The cold makes us wanna stay in bed wearing oversized sweaters all the time. Lazy days, lots of tea and always the same clothes on like there is nothing more comfy then jogging pants.

But a while ago we had enough! Seriously! We mean it!

So we changed our minds, and walked around the city. We also stepped by at our friends store Rauch & Groen Slow Fashion Berlin, hoping to get a new cosy piece. And yes! Renata surprised us again, we found two black coats made out of thick wool. Julia wears a knitted Jacket with doublesipper by Kiss The Frog and Albina a classy cut Longblazer with one button by Robi. The sunglasses from Woody are handcrafted from a variety of wood species from exotic corners of the world and definetly bring sum summer vibes back!

With this in mind stay warm, get inspired, feel beautiful, feel sexy – and get the pix here:

© The Glorious Nico Stinghe from anothersidewalktv

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