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Make sure to pop by at BLOCK STORY X LAST NIGHT IN PARIS Event at PRINCE CHARLES  TONIGHT! Get moved by the tunes of:


As a little special, we thought we post a short interview with DAVID DABIEH to give you guys a little insight of the new young DJ scene in berlin. If you want to get introduced to DAVID DABIEH,  read below who he is, what he is all about and don´t forget to follow this young man.

Hey David! How are you doing? How are things going? Any news so far?
Yoo guys, yeah not too bad. I’m currently sat in a cafe in London head bobbing to some Luke Marzec. He’s a jazzy soulful artist that we’ve been managing. We’re in the process of recording his first official EP and he’s just created a beautiful track. Soon come.  Look out for our girl Ray BLK also, she’s sassy.

Can we have a short introduction about your Person and your Background ?
I’m a South-East London boy through and through, and that’s where you’ll find me at the weekends. Plotting haha. I’m 22 years old and from young I’ve always enjoyed just making things happen so I involve myself in a lot of projects. Alongside the music I’ve been studying French & German the last few years. That said its taken me a while to get past „wie gehts?“ . You guys all speak perfect English!

How did you come to djing? Was there any specific trigger in your life?
I set up Idiot Savant alongside my brother and business partner Ben Cross. The company has been running for 5 years now, and the best part about it for me was discovering new music and artists. Myself and Ben completely differ in music taste but we appreciate sound, so we spent a lot of time educating each other. He introduced me to the likes of Jon Hopkins and The Acid. When my housemate Jack Carter suggested learning to spin, it was a natural decision so I started performing at all our events and just loved it. The chance to mess around with different sounds and vibes. Thankfully I learned a lot from our far more talented residents Harry J and Kitt Munro, and since have been able to play some great shows and a couple festivals.

What role does Idiot Savant play in your life?
An important and educational one. Idiot Savant was our first real step into the world of music and has created many avenues for the team. It allows us to take risks, showcase talent, create exciting events, manage artists, travel, work in music production and much more. From it we’ve been able to meet some great heads and work with the likes of French Connection, Bestival, o2 Academy Brixton. As a business it has no singular function, but serves as a platform and foundation for the construction and connection of many things. A lot of what we’re doing is still very low key.

We know that you moved to France lately. Why? And are we still going to see you in Berlin in the future?
I’m studying alongside all the projects and moved out to Cannes to work in the Yacht Broking industry. I suppose that confuses a lot of people haha, but for me it was an opportunity to travel, work in beautiful weather, learn french by the beach and just relax as well as master a completely new trade. I like to learn & discover, and for me that means leaving my comfort zone. In the evenings I come home and work on the music and management. Peaceful. Moreover Cannes sits on the opposite side of the cultural spectrum to Berlin. The polarity allows me to appreciate certain aspects of behaviours and society. I’ll certainly be back in Berlin. I lived there for 7 months and made many life-long friends! Maybe I’ll end up living there, we’ll see, you never know where life might take you…

Love to the Idiot Savant team: Harry Jones, Dan Johnson, Nico Adomako, Ben Cross, Luke Marzec!

Instagram: @daviddabieh  @idiotsavantLDN // Twitter: @idiotsavantLDN


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