Since it was Paris Fashion Week for Menswear a few days ago, it´s the perfect time to introduce you to a french young streetwear brand LES FRAUDEURS.

The name itself means „Fare-Dodging“ but their concept is quite straight: Allying Humour, Cynicism and a slight touch of political incorrectness. LES FRAUDEURS is a trendy, original line combined with strong slogans and symbols. BUT this brand is run by some smart and creative people who try to break codes and barriers that are imposed to an entire generation. See, the fraud or the fare dodging is more than just travelling without a ticket, it stands for  freedom, audacity, courage and mischievousness.

They have been also known as the „Chirac Gang“ due to the french nations leader Jacques Chirac back in the 80ies. Since the mayor of Paris jumped a subway turnstile of the Parisian subway, during the inauguraion of a modern art exposition, LES FRAUDERS took this action into their philosophy. Dont get them wrong though, they don´t claim to give an image but rather asserting a status and a style. A goal can be reached whithout going through an imposed diktat they say. If Jacques Chirac himself hadn´t broke the barriers, certainly he wouldn´t have been the president of france.

All in all we like their funny caricatures that are sometimes politically inspired, we like people who think a little bit further and bring smart ideas into creative output.

See our Editorial below! Photos: Ksenia Kuleshova      

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